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    Artist Spotlight: Vashti Harrison

    I ran across a picture during a random Instagram scrolling session that was both inspiring and awesome. It was a caricature of Dr. Mae Jemison (below). It was part of one of a series of “Little Ladies” which spans the books of Little Dreamers and Little Leaders. These books honor women who contributed amazing things […] More

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    8 Amazing Melanated Characters in Anime

    Anime has come a long way. Not only in artistic style but in representation of other cultures, especially those of higher melanin content. Over-sized lips, literally black skin, overly belligerent personalities and seemingly lower levels of education and status plagued the industry when it came to representing people of color. For example, Mr. Popo from […] More

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    13 Black Entertainers Who Have Won an Academy Award

    As we approach the 91st Academy Awards, we celebrate some of the biggest wins in the history of the show.  Hattie Mcdaniel was the first black person to win an Academy Award. McDaniel won for her portrayal as Mammy in the iconic film Gone With The Wind. Since McDaniel’s breaking down of the proverbial wall […] More

  • Seth Meyers - White Savior

    Seth Meyers Takes on The ‘White Savior’ Archetype in Films like Green Book

    Green Book is being heralded as one of the best movies of the year, but many still take issue with the film’s portrayal of Nick Vallelonga as the “White Savior”.  Seth Meyers decided to tackle the topic head-on by releasing a satirical trailer for White Savior: The Movie, which spoofs the “white savior” archetype in […] More