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    The Galaxy Fold is Delayed. Another Samsung Failure?

    Samsung is arguably the most innovative smartphone manufacturer in the world. On their Galaxy series, they introduced tons of beautiful, functional display features and form factors, such as curved screens and phablets. In 2019, they have wowed the world with yet some other impressive features in their new pieces of tech – Galaxy Fold and […] More

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    Top 10 New Features in iOS 12.2

    March 25, 2019, was exciting for Apple users, as the iOS 12.2 became available for download. This major update comes with various subtle and not-so-subtle improvements. In addition to security and vulnerability patches and improvements, Apple also loaded the new iOS with numerous features. Read this article to the end to discover ten of the […] More

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    Vote: Rank Every Call of Duty Video Game Ever Released

    Call of Duty is one of the longest-running video games series in the history of gaming. The first-person shooter has earned billions in revenue and is usually one of the most anticipated video game releases every year. There have been massive hits and massive misses throughout the history of Call of Duty, but it is […] More

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    Vote: Rank the Top 10 Best Cell Phones of All-Time

    Cell phones have come and gone over the years, but some of them have left massive impacts behind, forcing wide-ranging changes to the market and our lives in general. When Apple introduced the first multi-touch device, the cell phone industry was forever changed. The device helped shape the current phone market as we know it […] More

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    15 of the Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Wallpapers to Hide the Hole Punch Camera

    As cellphone manufacturers have made the switch to all-screen devices, they have struggled to come up with a good design for implementing the front-facing camera. While Apple went with a notched design at the top of the screen (and other companies followed suit), Samsung went with a hole-punch design for their new Galaxy S10 lineup. […] More

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    @BlackTechWeek – Celebrating Black People in Tech

    I stumbled upon the instagram account @BlackTechWeek when looking for accounts to inspire and sustain my drive in the entrepreneurship space. This profile not only fit the bill but had an extra boon that it focused on black people. You don’t see too many success stories of black people in tech through major news outlets (big […] More

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    Black Inventors You May Not Know

    Many of today’s most useful inventions that we still use today were created by African American inventors. From light bulbs to pacemakers, the day to day things we use and depend on were created by these unsung heroes. How many black inventors from the list below do you recognize? More

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    Samsung’s Foldable Phone — The Galaxy Fold

    Foldable screens have been a topic of discussion for years. However, the applications have been questionable at best. Samsung’s answer to the call is the Galaxy Fold – a cell phone that unfolds into a tablet. At the price point of practically $2,000 – it needs to have some pretty impressive specs – the highlights […] More