10 Worst Trash Talkers in NBA History

#1 Kevin Garnett

There hasn't been a single game that Kevin Garnett has played in that he didn't get under someone's skin. Constant trash talk was his forte to get opponents off their game, and it worked -- often. 

#2 Larry Bird

If you thought Larry Legend had the reputation of being a nice guy, that most definitely didn't apply on the court. Larry Bird was one of the biggest trash talkers in NBA history, and would often let entire teams have it. 

#3 Gary Payton

If there were a Hall of Fame for trash talking, Gary Payton would be first ballot. There was no one safe from the wrath of Payton. Players, coaches, refs, pedestrians, and anyone he encountered felt his presence. 

#4 Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley pulled no punches for anyone, media, player, or otherwise. His mouth often got him in trouble, but it also shaped in career long beyond his playing days. 

#5 Rasheed Wallace

Rasheed Wallace for known for his physical play and contrast trash talk. If you missed a free-throw, you were definitely going to hear the phrase he made famous, "ball don't lie."

#6 Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan was the best and he always wanted you to know it. If you couldn't guard him, you were certainly going to hear about it. The worst part is he would always back it up, leaving his opponents doubly embarrassed.

#7 Draymond Green

Not only is Draymond Green a constant trash talker, but he is also a huge troll. He was recently caught on a hot mic going at Paul Pierce for wanting a farewell tour. "Chasing that farewell tour. They don't love you like that," Green told Pierce. "You ain't got that type of love. You thought you was Kobe. You ain't Kobe." 

#8 Joel Embiid

Joel Embiid is probably the player that gets under everyone's skin the most. The 76ers big man is a constant and incessant trash talker. One of his shining moments is when he went at Lonzo Ball on twitter, telling his teammate Ben Simmons to dunk on him. 

#9 Shaquille O’Neal

Shaq had made a career out of trash talking. Charles Barkley has been his favorite target for many years, and even after their playing days. 

#10 Reggie Miller

Reggie Miller wasn't a big guy, but it never stopped him from talking big. Miller would hit a three in your face, and let you know that you couldn't stop him. 

#11 Honorable Mention: Joakim Noah

Joakim Noah was an "in your face" trash talker, which was always a surefire way to get under someone's skin. 


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