20 of the Wildest Outfits Worn by Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook is bar-none the most daring fashion figure ever to play professional sports. The 30-year-old Oklahoma City Thunder veteran has never met a look he was afraid to try at least once. From baggy clothes, tight clothes, loungewear, to high fashion European looks, Westbrook has tried it all, and you will never hear anyone accuse him of mimicking anyone elseโ€™s style. These are 20 of the wildest looks donned by true fashion icon Russell Westbrook, also known as Brodie.

#1 Russell Westbrook Serves Underboob

Russell Westbrook is probably the most daring NBA baller when it comes to fashion. The OKC Thunder veteran served full Rihanna underboob at a recent game. 

#2 Russell Westbrook Serves Gang Member Couture

Brodie decided to do his best YG impression, and turned quite a few heads with an all-white ensemble with the words "gang member" on his shirt. 

#3 Russell Westbrook Serves License Plate Couture

The ever-so-daring Russell Westbrook has never met a look he couldn't pull off, not even looking like the front end of a 1978 Oldsmobile with no power steering. 

#4 Russell Westbrook Serves Flood in the Spring

Westbrook came prepared for both the April showers and May flowers with these unique floral capri pants. 

#5 Westbrook Serves Geek Chic

Only Westbrook could mix the geek look with pants that could only be described as Euro chic, but he always finds a way to make it work. 

#6 Russell Westbrook Slays in Trendy Toddler

I would've probably loved an outfit like this when I was 5, but I think I will leave this look to a professional like Russell Westbrook.

#7 Russell Westbrook Serves Hipster Hobo

You ever have one of those days when you can't find anything to wear so you just throw on a ripped t-shirt and sweats, well Russell can turn that into high fashion?

#9 Russell Westbrook Serves Prince Vibes

Russell Westbrook has never met a ripped shirt he didn't love.


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