Judge Mathis: Most Interesting and Funniest Cases

All good things must eventually come to an end. That is true of the long-running court television show Judge Mathis, as it was announced today that Warner Bros. has canceled the show. The show will end after its 24th season.

The first episode of the courtroom series aired on September 13, 1999. Judge Mathis hears small claims cases from his studio courtroom set in the first-run syndication program. The courtroom drama is filmed at the NBC Tower in Chicago in front of a studio audience, but it also features cases and litigants from other U.S. states.

The series made history in 2018 by becoming the first court program with a Black judge to receive a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Legal/Courtroom program. So as we say goodbye to a daytime staple, we wanted to share some of our favorite court cases from the show.

Judge Mathis Rules on a Case Involving Bullying

In one of the most popular episodes of Judge Mathis, the judge rules on a case of involving school bullying.

The defendant’s son attends the same school as the plaintiff’s son. She alleges that the accused person’s son is a bully who attacked her son. The plaintiff claims that her kid lost seven days of school, spent the night in the hospital, and received a concussion as a result of the assault. For the ambulance fees, she filed a lawsuit. The defendant argues that their two sons have known each other for a long time. She asserts that her son merely acted in self-defense on the day of the incident and that the plaintiff’s son started the altercation.

Keep My Name Out of Your Mouth

A comedian is suing for defamation of character because she claims the defendant wrongly accused her of copying jokes. The plaintiff does have a reputation for copying jokes, according to the defendant, a fellow comic, and he is countersuing her for defamation of character because she disparaged him online.

An Overdraft on This Personal ATM

The plaintiff and defendant were romantically involved and have a child together. She claims to have lent the defendant money twice, and another time she alleges he took the rent and hasn’t been heard from since. For overdue loans and money that was stolen, she is suing. The defendant says she doesn’t owe him anything and that the money was a gift to her.

Judge Mathis Grills a Defendant who Refuses to take Care of his Children

The defendant is being sued by the plaintiff for money she alleges was stolen. The couple have two children together. She further asserts that the defendant got their neighbor pregnant after she gave birth to their second child. He disputes having any debt to the complainant.

Judge Mathis is notorious for calling out what he calls “crackhead-like behavior”, and in the hilarious conclusion of this case, the Detroit native levies his accusations.

Judge Mathis litigates a Case of a Son and his Mother

The plaintiff claims that the defendant is his mother, but the two are not friendly since she won’t accept his sexual orientation. He is suing her for a gas bill and emotional suffering, alleging that she is deceitful and uses homophobic insults. The defendant asserts that she has accepted the fact that her kid is gay and that she is being sued for an amount greater than what she pays.

Judge Mathis Rules on a case of a Relationship that did not Work Out

After meeting the defendant on a dating platform, the plaintiff claims he only wanted to be friends, but the defendant kept buying gifts for him. Once they moved in together, he filed a lawsuit for rent and emotional suffering. The plaintiff, according to the defendant, forced him to seek a restraining order after he discovered he was living as a street worker. He is countersuing in response for unreturned goods.

Judge Mathis Litigates a Case involving A Couple and Their Added “Friend”

Despite having a significant age gap, the plaintiff claims that he and the defendant dated. He alleges that she introduced a different lady into their relationship, but they ended it. He is suing his ex for loans and psychological harm. The plaintiff is claiming for emotional anguish on the grounds that the defendant was controlling and possessive of her.

Judge Mathis Oversees a Heartwarming Case

To establish if the defendant’s deceased son was the father of the plaintiff’s child, the plaintiff requested a paternity test from the court. It comes to a touching conclusion.

As we say goodbye to Judge Mathis, share some of your favorite episodes in the comment section below.

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