10 Incredible Vacation Destinations to Visit Before you Die

A wise old man once said: “Life is too short to watch Game of Thrones for the 4th time” The origin (and authenticity) of this quote is admittedly a bit sketchy, but it’s a profound one nonetheless.

Life is short. You owe it to yourself to get out there and experience as much of the world’s rich and mystical beauty as you can before time runs out.

The question is: where to go? Before you start throwing darts at a world map, you should first consider one of the following unmissable vacation destinations:

10 The Great Wall of China

Vacation Destination: The Great of China

Built around 2,000 years ago, the Great Wall is an impressively long (21,000km, give or take) glimpse into Chinese history. Up close and personal, the wall itself is not anything to write home about, but its path through the rolling hills makes for quite majestic scenery.

The wall was constructed along the former northern frontiers of the ancient Chinese states and Imperial China and served as a defense against various Eurasian Steppe nomadic clans.

You’ll be doing some walking, so pack your sneakers and an extra set of lungs.

9 Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia

Top Vacation Destinations

The world’s largest salt flat offers visitors breathtaking scenery. The vast emptiness of this place allows for awe-inspiring photography. Should you be after some jealousy-invoking travel photos (that’s all of us), Salar De Uyuni might be the best place to take them.

8 Hollywood, California

Hollywood California

Life can not reach completion without a visit to the unofficial center of the universe. In Hollywood, you will explore the home of showbiz. Remember to bring your walking shoes as you tread the Walk of Fame, visit the iconic Hollywood sign, and rub shoulders with a celebrity or two. Surrounding Hollywood is loads of entertainment and majestic scenery.

7 Havana, Cuba

Havana Cuba

Do you know what is overrated? Modern life. Thankfully, the Cuban capital is semi-trapped in 1952. Put down your phone (not much internet around here, anyway), order yourself a rum-based cocktail & cigar, and enjoy the city’s cool and rhythmic vibes. The throwback feel definitely makes this one of the top vacation destinations.

6 Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo, Japan

Vacation Destination: Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo, Japan

Crossing a major urban intersection? That can not be interesting, can it? Surprisingly yes, it can be one of the major vacation destinations. Participating in the controlled bedlam of this multi-directional pedestrian crossing is a unique cultural experience. It seems like everyone should clatter into one another, but that does not happen. Why? Because this is Japan. This is the land where even chaos is orderly.

5 Colosseum, Rome, Italy

Vacation Destination Colosseum, Rome, Italy

Several (thousand) years before Madison Square Garden became the mecca of sports, the title belonged to the Colosseum, an amphitheater in the heart of the Roman Empire. In its era, the venue hosted gladiatorial battles, animal hunts, executions, and other such family-friendly events, but now serves as a well-preserved ruin for the enjoyment of tourists.

4 The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Vacation Destination: The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The Great Barrier Reef is arguably the finest part of that wet blob we know as the ocean. It is the largest coral reef system in the world. The reef is so large we can see it from space. As a visitor, you’ll witness a plethora of fascinating marine life amidst gorgeous azure waters.

3 Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt

Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt

Few man-made structures have stood the test of time as the Great Pyramid; this limestone and granite structure dates back to the 26th century BC! That’s even older than your grandma’s TV. Even in today’s world of giant architecture, the vastness of this Pyramid is a majestic sight to behold

2 Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu, Peru

Almost 2,400 meters up in the mist of the Andean mountains sits remnants of a 15th-century Incan citadel. This is not just any ancient hangout; Machu Picchu was one of the Incan empire’s greatest urban creations. The scenery here will give you goosebumps no matter how you arrive, but your visit will be more rewarding if you make the effort to trek up to the site on foot.

1 The Dead Sea, Israel

The Dead Sea, Israel

Are you feeling “weighed down” by life, the Dead Sea is the place to be. Ok, putting that corny pun aside, the Dead Sea is one of the world’s saltiest bodies of water, causing swimmers to float in place. At 430 meters below sea level, it is the lowest point on earth.

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