5 Signs You Are a Horrible Airbnb Guest

As an Airbnb superhost with over 100’s of visits, you get exposed all types of guests. Some are amazing and respect that they are staying in someone’s home, while some guests feel they can treat the space however they please. I suspect many people who are not hosts are simply unaware of the proper etiquette to be a good guest. Here is a list of some things I’ve noticed and signified a horrible guest in my opinion.

#1 Smoking In a Home

If a host does not want you to smoke in their home please be respectful and realize this also include illegal substances. Often these smells stick and require work to remove. If you happen to be in a shared space or if a guest suite is connected, realize that the smoke smell can travel through vents.

#2 Damaging Property and Not Admitting to it

Sometimes accidents happen and something will get damaged. Most hosts understand this. There have been multiple times where guests have broken things and I've noticed three different methods for how guests approach these situations. The most honorable route is when guests are immediately honest. I respect these guests the most and do not charge much for the damage. Some guests have to be confronted but are honest about the situation. As helpful as that is, making a host confront you regarding something you did is not the best route. The worst thing you can do is lie about something you broke, and this route could cause the host to report you to Airbnb and give you a bad review which results in you being banned from Airbnb or having a harder time booking places.

#3 Not Following Directions or House Rules

Every host has their own set of rules that they request their guest to follow. You may not always the reason behind these rules, but that does not mean they are unimportant or shouldn't be followed. For my own Airbnb, there are strict rules around parking and each guest has a specific parking spot, this ensures guest do not interfere with other residents. I know other hosts that have directions on how to access their spaces, and often guest do not read.

#4 Careless Use of Heat/Water Etc

Host want their guest to be comfortable, however, it is important to remain respectful of a Host's home. Being a guest does not entitle you to go overboard on A/C or showers. If you require unusual usage to be comfortable, I would recommend you be upfront with the host about it so they are not surprised or have the opportunity to say no.

#5 Arriving with Additional Guests

Some guests have no issue with arriving with more guests than originally disclosed. This bad practice not only makes the guest look bad but also means the Airbnb will be inadequately prepared in cases where amenities like towels, and bath clothes. Be upfront about how many people will be on your trip, in most cases, it will not be an issue or result in a small charge. 


Written by Madison Green

Madison Green was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. He was a bookseller before shifting to children’s publishing where he worked at a literary development company, a creative writing website for teens, and as a book reviewer of children’s and young adult novels. He lives in New York City and is tall for no reason.

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