5 Reasons Everyone is Excited About Huawei Phones

There has been a lot of noise about Huawei, and most of the clamoring is short of pure excitement. Huawei has recently dropped high-end smartphones with specs and features that go shoulder to shoulder with those of other tech giants.

Interestingly, Huawei phones do not sell in the United States, but they are the world’s third largest smartphone manufacturer behind Samsung and Apple, and people are genuinely happy for the Chinese manufacturers. This articles delves into some of the key reasons so many have been excited about Huawei phones.

#1 The Best Camera On The Market

Jokes and memes of Huawei P20 camera are making rounds on Twitter; with people joking about the camera being as strong as a microscope. I saw another meme of the Huawei camera completely turning Shrek’s beautiful Fiona back into a princess. Huawei has made fantastic cameras, but those on the P20 are from another world. 

#2 Amazing Battery Life

For people who are always on the move, battery life is a vital factor in their smartphones, and Huawei is one of the best in this department. A series of battery test from TechAdvisor shows that three Huawei phones are among the top ten smartphones with the best battery life in 2019 – Huawei Mate 20 Pro, Huawei P30 Pro, and Huawei Mate 20X.

#3 No Warranty Void on Rooting

A huge reason Android devices are the most used in the world is its flexibility. They allow you to do almost everything you want to do, and to look any how; you want it to look. However, you get ultimate flexibility if you root these devices. Rooting simply gives you root access to the device’s architecture.

Usually, the price to pay for rooting is that you lose your warranty on the rooted device. However, Huawei phones are different, as you still have your phone warranty whether or not you root it.

#4 Huawei’s Emotion UI (EMUI)

With the Emotion UI, Huawei is basically singlehandedly improving Android. The EMUI is the user interface that optimizes performance, speed, customizability, and so forth. But the best thing about the EMUI is that unlike with other skins, stoke Android inclusive, with time, it does not slow down with time, but instead, it retains its original smoothness and performance.

#5 No Bloatware

Most manufacturers ship their smartphones with lots of undeletable apps that you might not need or use. However, Huawei only comes with the music app and some others, which is you could choose to delete if you wanted to. This is huge because these pieces of bloatware slow down devices, take up valuable space, and are a huge security risk.

If Huawei’s specs and features go shoulder to shoulder with those of other tech giants, their value for money and some of their tech go heads and shoulders above the rest. People are excited about manufacturers like Huawei because of the reasons we listed, and more more. What are your thoughts about Huawei phones? We love to hear your comments.


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